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Simply put, Falco Media Services create content for real estate. We’ve all heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe this is true. Whether you’re selling your home, promoting a business, or celebrating your new marriage, a photograph or video clip is the best way to capture each detail. Photographs and videos are important because these media services can portray a moment, a scene, or even an emotion, with sincerity and complete authenticity.

When a property goes for sale, Falco Media Services is the first ones you should call after listing a property — but it’s ideal to reach out to us before listing if you want a high-quality professional listing done effectively (and done beyond well). We bring properties to life by turning houses into homes with professional photos, videos, staging, and even signage! Basically, you list a property, give Falco Media Services a call, and we’ll handle it from there. We’ll do what needs to get done to get your listing to look appealing and professional.

We’re also equipped, prepared, and excited to help you capture life’s most precious moments, and we’re also invested in helping you create your marketing materials. So, no matter your requirements, Falco Media Services wants to help you preserve special memories and equip your business with valuable resources!

Located in East Texas, we’re are proud to provide the highest quality media services and unmatched customer service from the I-45 to Louisiana!


The Texas population lacked a local media creation service, and Falco Media Services wanted to change that — well, technically, it all started with a modified Mustang.

Falco Media Services owner Jarrod Webb discovered his passion for media creation in an unlikely place — while visiting car shows and showing off his mechanical skills on a revamped Mustang. Jarrod began documenting the events with a drone and, as he did, he decided to donate his photos to whichever organization the car show benefited. His skills soon began to attract attention from various professional businesses, including Mercedes Benz. When he was asked to make a promotional video for the Mercedes Benz dealership of Tyler, Jarrod began to consider media development in his future.

Jarrod continues to work as a mechanical engineer throughout the week, solving engineering problems in his office! But on the weekends, he runs the ultimate multimedia content creation company: Falco Media Services.

Falco Media Services has become much more than an interest in cars and drones. With a staff of 8 photographers and 4 drone pilots, Falco Media Services is prepared to meet your particular needs, from weddings to real estate throughout the big ole’ state of Texas.

Now, there’s no longer a need for overpriced services from Dallas or Houston. Our refined photography and videography skills — coupled with innovative technology — provide the highest quality finished products. And as we create your content, we strive to address each of your unique requests.


Texas is full of people and organizations who care about making our community a better place. They help fight cancer, provide resources for those in need, and help preserve our beautiful land. We commend each of these humanitarian efforts and hope to offer our services in support! Falco Media Services donates our promotional services to at least one non-profit organization each month.

Could you benefit from our photography, video imaging or other advertising tools? Please reach out to us today! We would like to offer our services to promote the important work of non-profit organizations.

Services we provide for


Promote everything you do with sincere and beautifully captured photos. When available, we will provide free photography services so you can get the word out about your meaningful work!


A video can convey emotions and depict a scene in an exceptionally meaningful way. With videography, your efforts come to life and are easily shared with anyone that takes an interest. We would like to offer our expert videography services to promote the important work of non-profit organizations.

Promotional Services

Market your fundraiser or event with our promotional services. These will help spread the word about your efforts and how others can participate or benefit! Promotional services include several different marketing tools, including flags, flyers, and other design work.

Aerial Imaging

We at Falco Media Services have several drone pilots on staff who are prepared to capture images of your event or fundraiser from a unique angle. Provide viewers with a clear picture of everything we accomplish.

What we Value

  • We are in the business of serving you. In hopes that the media we create will be of great value to your company or safekeeping, we promise your complete satisfaction.
  • We value our community. We are here to serve the Texas population. And in doing so, we donate a minimum of one service to a non-profit each month.
  • We prioritize top quality work. Whether documenting your wedding or showing off a new home, you require professional and polished final products.
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