Why Should a Real Estate Agent Hire a Professional Drone Pilot

Why Should a Real Estate Agent Hire a Professional Drone Pilot?

Drone photography has come a long way in recent years. It’s now relatively easy for anyone to acquire a drone. So is it really worth it to hire a professional drone pilot to take photos for your real estate agency? The short answer: Yes! For the long answer, read on!

If you’re a real estate agent, it’s your job to make houses look good so they’re desirable to potential buyers. That means showing off all the best features, from the bottom to the top — and from the foundation to the roof!

Drone technology has made it easier than ever to capture stunning photos and video footage of houses and other structures. A drone can provide aerial shots of a house from any angle — shots that would have been impossible just a few years ago unless you happened to posses the power of flight.

With drones being as accessible and affordable as they are now, they’ve made their way into the hands of experts and laypeople alike, and it can be tempting to work with somebody who offers rock-bottom prices for drone photography. Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who says he’ll take your drone shots for cheap, or you found somebody on Facebook whose nephew has a drone. Maybe you’re even considering renting or buying a drone and taking those photos yourself.

Well, hit the pause button! It may seem like a great idea now to save a few pennies, but you’re likely to regret it later. It’s always a better idea to hire professional drone pilot like those at Falco Media Services to work on your real estate photography. Here are a few reasons why.

Professional Drone Pilots Know What They're Doing

You wouldn’t go to an “amateur doctor” for an operation, or have crucial legal documents drawn up by someone who considers themselves a “sometime lawyer” on the side. When you need an important job done, you want to put your trust in a practitioner of that line of work who’s put in the time and effort to become an expert at it.

When you hire a professional drone pilot who’s been at it for a while, you know they didn’t just order their drone on Amazon. They’ve put in plenty of time and effort and honed their expertise at drone operation. They know how to fly the drone without losing track of it, crashing it, or getting it tangled up in power lines. And you know they’re the best choice for your real estate photography because they understand how to take clear, dynamic pictures that will show off the features of your properties that you want to highlight.

You wouldn’t take your antique furniture to be appraised by somebody off the street who hasn’t done any research but appraises antiques in their spare time. So don’t put your real estate photography in the hands of an amateur or a hobbyist. Hire a professional who knows what they’re doing!

A Professional Understands the Laws Regarding Drones

Drones are considered aircraft, and as such, they are subject to various laws and regulations by the FAA. There are different sets of laws that apply to recreational drones and drones for commercial use, and rules to memorize regarding what times of day you can operate them, where you can fly them, whether you can fly them over people and vehicles…

That’s a lot to think about, a lot to coordinate, and a lot of logistics to keep straight. And trying to keep all of that information in your head while taking compelling real estate photos? Forget it!

When you hire a professional drone pilot, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Because they’ve already done their homework, you don’t have to! And speaking of doing homework…

Professional Drone Pilots Are Licensed and Registered

A drone operator must have a license, and per the NAR (National Association of Realtors), drones used for businesses like real estate agencies must be registered with the FAA.

As the NAR website explains, “Once you register with the FAA, you will receive a registration certificate, which you will need to carry on your person any time you operate the Drone. You will also need to include your registration number on an outside surface of the Drone.”

As a busy real estate agent, you already have enough on your plate, with showings, appointments, and taking on new clients. When are you going to take the time to file all that paperwork? The answer, of course, is never — because you don’t have to. The professional drone pilot you’ll hire has already taken the necessary steps to procure the required documents.

An experienced drone pilot will work with you to get the shots you need to sell your properties, and because they’re already certified and registered, they’ll save you lots of time so you can focus on pressing business.

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In Conclusion

For anyone working in real estate who’s looking to take advantage of drone technology to generate stunning photographs that would have been impossible in the past, hiring a professional is a wise investment indeed. Establishing a working relationship with a professional drone pilot can provide you with a continuous, reliable source of high-quality aerial photography of your real estate properties. And it can eliminate the stress of worrying about hiring an amateur, or trying to do everything yourself.

Are you looking for a good professional drone photographer in East Texas? Well, you’ve found us! Contact us at Falco Media Services today!